quinta-feira, 8 de agosto de 2013

Removendo as Algemas (Removing the Shackles)

Reply to a post at "Removing the Shackles":

While I've been observing the financial aspect of the planetary transformation for some time, it is funny to feel that, after so much "intel" - hidden and disclosed - so much expectation, indeed ALL was part of the lie.

It now seems they are all trapped by their own lies, and the only thing REALLY TRANSPARENT is the LACK OF TRANSPARENCY - and this LACK OF TRANSPARENCY when TRANSPARENCY and SIMPLICITY are the only true real demands is simply IMPOSSIBLE to hide.

There is CIRCUS, entertainment, TV, drugs, sports, and lots of other "cheap thrills" to get engaged.

But people - at least the minimum required amount, be it 10%, 5% or whatever - this minimum people is awake now.

Despite "Old Man", "Wu", "Wong", "Poof", "Cobra", "Donald" and "Mickey" - there is a major player here - called GOD (which lives through ME, YOU and all of US)... this major player can't fooled. Just can't.

Anyway can say, think or feel anything about this major player. The major player is unaffected.

In the other hand, all of all being part of this Unique major player, from the most cruel nazi to the purest saint, there is no escape. There is no escape from manifesting the true essential wish of ALL which is the very SAME.

This is why the financial news increasingly sounds like "fairy tale" - it is a stack of lies. Just lies. Lies over lies. Plus lies. And a bit more of lies.

As the fall down of this castle of cards would do more damage than benefit, because its tentacles are pervasive and everywhere, I believe the transition will be smooth and performed by an elite.

What is the difference from the new elite to the current elite?

Both are intelligent, highly skilled, aware of the true facts.

The difference is that the new elite REALLY acts towards the greater benefit of all.


When? How? Why? These are important things, but even if it takes a bit more of time to the recently incarnated light souls to take charge of the whole thing - everything is under the will of the Major Player - not Donald Duck... it WILL HAPPEN.

All being said, recent news stating that "4D has been sealed" also ressounds with what I'm actually feeling.

Despite we may be in the border of a collapse, and we really are, the "light energies" that has been flowing is so intense, that this whole chaos looks like a building being imploded... people INSIDE it will die... but I'm NOT inside it. I am having the privilege to see it safely, from a distance.

I think this distance is the AWARENESS that I am not this body - I am an eternal soul living a temporary and interesting experience to gather something towards something else... in short, it is the DETTACHMENT - important virtue for anyone who cultivates the spirit.

So, Love, Faith, Devotion are the seeds one can cultivate inside oneself that will grow, sprout and generate the best and sweetest harvest.

Meanwhile, confusion, anger, hatred, lies, genetically created ills, and a long of list of horrors is the "menu" for those who still have not found the light inside themselves.

Let them make their noise, their TV news (i.e., "publicized lies"), throw their boms, build their nuclear reactors, let the radiation kill millions of innocent people... it is a kind-of psychotic madness that will consume themselves.

Once they self-destroyed themselves, like a maid after a party, WE can take care of lovingly, united, silently, happily, maybe we can sing some songs, clean the mess and - lessons learned - build upon proper foundations.

This is already happening.

As I don't think my neighbour needs to suffer during the transformation - even not being aware of anything - that's why I search for and engage on financial discussion. I want to think and plan a "new financial system".

I see "NESARA", "Basel" and other stuff - and I'm happy to read your blog post, because it resonates with what I feel. Among these, I've not seen yet anything which really builds something that really performs what it preaches.

Personally, I think the "new" should substitute the "old" as open-source software comes substituting closed-source software. It gradually grows and eventually makes the old system unnecessary - it can be sent to trash with no side-effect. I think the new financial system should grow side-by-side, manifesting its benefits every tiny place it is implemented... until being accepted everywhere due to its PRACTICAL EFFECTS (not some "study" or "intention")... a few days in the future there is no more "Windows", only "Ubuntu".

The grandmother in the neighbourhood who spents her days taking care of her garden and its birds may not even know something happened.

We will know that a dark system finished. A loving system now runs, and people in Africa does not starve anymore - they are cooperatively building their part of a new world society.

These are only my wishings - I offer this humble "prayer" to the major player.

Thank you.